Wedding Crasher

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I recently had the opportunity to drop in on a random wedding while visiting family in Ohio. My good friend Todd Carlson (who is an excellent wedding photographer – book him for yours: let me tag along and make a few photographs during Taylor and Katie’s wedding day. They were a great couple and welcomed a stranger with a camera from Idaho into their lives for the day. I focused mainly on shooting candids, photos for myself, and behind the scenes moments as Todd and his assistant, Matt, handled the workload. I also tried to help out with portraits and just observe how someone who does this for a living works.

Though they used to make me cringe, I’ve really grown to enjoy shooting weddings and the moments surrounding them. I approach them in a similar way as I do many of the assignments I shoot for the newspaper – basically a documentary style where I capture what’s happening and not direct or set up the scene. It’s cliche, but weddings are the biggest days of some people’s lives and there’s a story that can be told through photographs. I’d definitely like to branch out and shoot weddings more often. These are a few of my favorites:

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