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Continuing with my summer travels, last week I road tripped to Denver to check out Geekfest, an awesome conference/get-together of talented photojournalists and photographers from around the country. It was an inspirational weekend, with a number of incredible speakers talking about their work, as well as an overall sense of positivity that offset the constant doom and gloom talk that’s all too pervasive of late. Got to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and put faces to a lot of names I recognize. Just hanging out with a group of other people passionate about photography and making photos for fun/me recharged my batteries quite a bit. Great to hang out with fellow Idahoans Jerome Pollos, Matt Mills McKnight, and Drew Nash for the 18+ hours on the road. Good people, good times.

These are a few shots from the weekend – some wanderings around Denver, photos from the road, and the craziness that happens when you get a bunch of people with cameras together. Still editing everything, maybe I’ll post more when I’ve got some time.

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