State Rodeo

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It’s the middle of June, which around here means it’s time again for the annual state high school rodeo finals. Cowboys and cowgirls rode into town looking to record their best scores and qualify for nationals. It’s still a little weird for me to think of rodeo as a high school sport, but it’s popular nationwide and definitely here in Idaho. I spent a few evenings recently at the fairgrounds photographing kids riding animals, jumping on and off them, and/or roping them; most of these activities seem at least slightly dangerous and crazy, especially after seeing horses fall on kids and bulls toss them around effortlessly.

I’ve photographed rodeo quite a few times now since I’ve lived in Idaho and it’s usually a fun thing to shoot. It’s obviously visual and the competitors are some of the friendliest athletes I’ve been around. Having made lots of the standard rodeo action photos over and over again, I tried to concentrate more this time on incorporating the nice evening light. I also looked for some different angles and moments that I haven’t shot as much in the past.

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