Return to Nature

fishing, outdoors, road trip

“Who looks upon a river in a meditative hour, and is not reminded of the flux of all things?”

– Emerson, Nature

I’ve found that during moments in my life when I’ve struggled, felt lost, confused, frustrated, or troubled in some way, nothing helps to center me more than a journey into the natural world. Being alone, yet surrounded by the grandeur of nature we often take for granted provides me the ideal venue for some of my clearest and most honest thinking. And a place to not think, as well.

This weekend, I seriously needed to return to nature – some time to wander, get lost, take in the sites around me, gaze at the stars, fish, and put things in perspective. And to make some photographs for me. Though I’m usually focused on documenting humanity or life in some way, I also enjoy shooting landscapes and my interaction with nature. It’s calming and just something I like to do, I guess.

Spontaneity brought me by Stanley, Idaho – an area some would argue is one of the nicest parts in the state. The Sawtooth Range, numerous lakes, and the Salmon River provide quite the stunning background. After some scary thunderstorms during which I debated sleeping in the car, the weather cleared up nicely and I enjoyed the exploration. A few photographs I made along the way:

4 thoughts on “Return to Nature”

    • joekline says:

      Thanks Kate – in some ways yes in others, well, it might take some time. I enjoyed the Cy juggling photo even though there weren’t any cats involved.

  1. Charlie says:

    Wow Joe, these are fantastic! I love the one of the fish, amazing.

    • joekline says:

      Thanks Charlie! Nice of you to stop by. You’ve been doing some good work lately.

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