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Last month, I photographed my first few bike events of the year. Mountain biking and cycling are popular pastimes in Bend, as in much of Oregon, and I shoot a number of races and events throughout the season. The annual Chainbreaker draws riders of all abilities to a combination of dusty and forested trails near Shevlin Park. Part of the course loops around an infield, making it a little more spectator-friendly, and includes obstacles that proved challenging for a few racers.

The Steel Stampede in Crooked River Ranch features a very different type of bike. Enthusiasts ride vintage motorcycles while competing on trials courses, testing their balance and handling as opposed to speed.

Chainbreaker mountain bike race in Bend, Oregon.






Steel Stampede vintage motorcycles in Crooked River Ranch, Oregon.


Steel Stampede vintage motorcycles in Crooked River Ranch, Oregon.


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