Rubbish Renewed Rehearsal

photo essay

The Rubbish Renewed eco fashion show features outfits constructed from items destined for the garbage can, or from previously used and discarded materials. In its fifth year, the event is a fundraiser for a local charter school, and a number of students as well as local businesses create and model unique designs.

With a fun atmosphere and eye-catching creations, this is a blast to photograph. Last year I shot the event itself, so this year to do things a little differently, I went over the night before to catch the dress rehearsal. Models tried on outfits, some for the first time, practiced their runway walks, and designers added a few finishing touches. Though I tend to shoot with color in mind, I liked the feel of these images in black and white.


2 thoughts on “Rubbish Renewed Rehearsal”

  1. Lady with the baby heads skirt is freaking me out man. Likely a clip winner if you’re in NPPA. How’d they look in color?

  2. Ha! Yeah kinda wild outfit. Not bad in color, thought the lighting was a little dull though so I went b&w

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