Meg and Robby


Guests from all corners of the country converged in Bend on a radiant July day to celebrate the marriage of Meg and Robby. After some early bow-tying challenges, the lovely couple met at Miller’s Landing Park for a riverside ceremony, featuring some of the most eloquent vows I’ve heard yet. The celebration continued at nearby Miller Lumber, where covered storage for stacks of wood products was transformed into a charming reception venue. This was such a fun and fantastic group to photograph, clearly a testament to how special and loved this couple is.

Thanks to Tess who helped me document the day. Here’s some moments from Meg and Robby’s big day:


5 thoughts on “Meg and Robby”

  1. Pat Schroeder says:

    Hey Joe…
    Think of ya often and love seeing your photographs! When is your wedding?!

  2. Weddings make for the best event coverage. Well done Joe, if I ever tie the knot, you’re certainly on the short list.

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