Rubbish Renewed Portraits

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One of my goals this year is to experiment with different lighting setups and to make more portraits. I feel like for a while now I’ve been using the same basic umbrella or softbox as a main light with the occasional second light thrown in – it’s time to mix it up and try other approaches.

I had a fun opportunity to get started during last week’s Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show. By far one of my favorite annual events to photograph in Bend, this fundraiser for REALMS School features student, local business, and community member designed outfits made from discarded or re-purposed materials. Models then show off these unique garments on the runway for an audience and auction.

I’ve had a great time photographing the show the past few years and wanted to do something different than the usual journalistic coverage I’ve done before. Amidst the backstage bustle of hair, makeup, and last-minute outfit adjustments, I made a small set on the Domino Room stage and found some willing and patient models to photograph. I used a strip box with a grid to narrow the spread of light for a main, with a background light and kicker. I made several adjustments throughout on light position, spread, and location so the backgrounds are a little different for each model. I was working on the fly in a confined space – I think next time I’ll try to make these things more consistent so there’s better continuity with the series. Overall, it was a really good learning experience and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to highlight the one-of-a-kind creations.

Thanks again to all the models for being great to work with, as well as the folks at REALMS who continue to invite me back to photograph the show.



One thought on “Rubbish Renewed Portraits”

  1. nashgraphy says:

    Next time I visit let’s set up a photo booth and craft some light amigo.

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