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A year unlike any I’ve ever experienced. While 2020 had a few high points, it definitely feels cathartic to say it’s now January 2021. After a year in which we faced a myriad of challenges, including the rise of a global pandemic, historic wildfires, political […]



My annual recap of the year’s highlights in photographs was a daunting task for 2017. The sheer number of photos – folder after folder on my computer – reminded me that, while I made a lot of pictures, I didn’t post or share many of […]



From the frosty winter landscapes of Harney County in the east, to the peak of a central Cascades volcano, I covered a lot of ground in 2016. Some of the scenes, moments, people, and places I encountered along the way:



Looking at a year’s worth of photographs, by the numbers, is staggering in terms of the success to failure ratio – so few to so many. Photography, like most pursuits, requires time, practice, commitment and, well, lots of failure, to make something that goes beyond […]

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Now that the new year is well underway, I’m finally getting around to posting some of my favorite photographs from 2014. Every year while scanning through thousands of images comprising the digital record of the places I’ve been and the people whose paths I’ve crossed, […]

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With another year almost in the books, it’s time for the annual exercise of looking back at my life and work through the tens of thousands of frames I’ve made in a year’s time. While going through the sheer volume and variety of images, I […]