Fairs, Festivals, and Derbies 2010


I’m slowly catching up on a backlog of photos to post. As I did last year, I’ve assembled a short recap of the diverse offerings of August and September’s fair season.

This year seemed to focus more on various fair events, though no “big” concerts. I was not alone in partaking in the simple pleasure of watching dogs jump off a platform into a pool – the Dockdogs event drew a good crowd at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. Making my way through the state fair crowds, I tried shooting a little from the hip. It’s something I don’t do often but was a fun experiment. I did not want to miss the state fair’s demolition derby – it’s one of the biggest around and, as I’ve posted before, I love shooting demolition derbies.  I made a few brief visits to some of the local county fairs and finally stopped by the uniquely Idaho event, Spud Days in Shelley, where bagging potatoes is actually a competition. To round out the collection, I threw in a few from the Eastern Idaho Scottish Games (I guess you could call it a festival).

Lots more photos coming soon, including ISU football, photos from September, and another epic experience climbing Mt. Borah.

2 thoughts on “Fairs, Festivals, and Derbies 2010”

  1. LOVE the kids being tossed off the merry go round image. a great morning cup of coffee catching up with your photo adventures. hope you are well mister kline!

  2. heathermangan says:

    I love these photos. You still are amazingly talented. Also, how are you? Let’s find a way to get in touch 🙂 Sending warm wishes from Africa.

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