year in review

My year in pictures.

With a camera in hand, my job and life have taken me to all sorts of places and situations I often couldn’t imagine. Randomness and variety are among my favorite qualities of the work I do. When I look back at a year’s worth of work, I can’t help analyzing and comparing my photographs with those I’ve created in the past in terms of aesthetics, subject matter, composition, moment, etc. I look for signs of progress and improvement, as well as areas of weakness. But I also like looking back for the memories of the experiences along the way. It’s incredible how much you can remember about what you were thinking, feeling, doing, and the people you were with at the time you pushed the button.

Out of the tens of thousands of photographs I shot, these few are ones that stand out to me from 2010. Whether they’re my best images or not, I guess I’ll call them my favorites for one reason or another.
































2 thoughts on “2010”

  1. Amy Millward says:

    Amazing pictures! The photo of the man in his burned kitchen is really emotional. The pictures all seem like you were a fly on the wall, not impacting the moods and energy of the subjects. Great job!!

    • joekline says:

      Thanks Amy! I appreciate you checking out the photos and for your feedback.

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