Rubbish Renewed 2016


One of my favorite Central Oregon events to photograph, the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show, returned for a sixth year of models strutting the runway in unique and imaginative creations. The fundraiser for REALMS Charter School invites students, adults, and businesses to design and model garments made from items intended for the landfill, or refashioned from discarded wearables and fabrics. Every year I’ve attended the show, I’ve been continually impressed by the creativity and thought that goes into constructing these one-of-a-kind outfits. Combined with a fun atmosphere, lively crowd and colorful backstage scene, this is one of those events you look forward to as a photographer.

Here are a few scenes from last week’s show – to see more and maybe buy a print or two if you’re interested, click here and use the password: rubbish



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