Althea and Dustin

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Central Oregon has an abundance of idyllic venues for hosting a wedding. Rock Springs Ranch in Bend certainly fits that list and provided the perfect background for Althea and Dustin’s big day this summer. As former coworkers, I’ve known Althea and Dustin for years and was excited for them to get married, let alone the opportunity to be their photographer for the day. I was honored to document the day for them and enjoyed the reunion with lots of former coworkers along the way. Fun group, amazing couple, beautiful scenery – you can’t ask for better for wedding photography.

althea_dustin_blog02althea_dustin_blog03althea_dustin_blog04althea_dustin_blog05althea_dustin_blog06althea_dustin_blog07althea_dustin_blog08althea_dustin_blog09althea_dustin_blog10althea_dustin_blog11althea_dustin_blog12althea_dustin_blog13althea_dustin_blog14althea_dustin_blog15-2althea_dustin_blog16althea_dustin_blog17-2althea_dustin_blog18-2althea_dustin_blog19althea_dustin_blog20althea_dustin_blog21-22018_07_dustin_althea355althea_dustin_blog23althea_dustin_blog25althea_dustin_blog24althea_dustin_blog26althea_dustin_blog27althea_dustin_blog29althea_dustin_blog30althea_dustin_blog31And a big thank you to Tess, another former coworker, for helping capture moments.


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