year in review

It’s taken me long enough, but finally here are some of my favorite photographs from 2009. When I first began looking back through the past year’s worth of work, frustration was my immediate feeling. For some reason I always seem to think I have better photos somewhere, I just need to find them. So I look through a rough edit countless times and find they aren’t there. Then I realize I am probably being a bit too hard on myself and proceed from there to decide on photos I actually do like. I rediscover photos I haven’t looked at in months and change my mind often on what I like and don’t like. I’ll come back a few days later and change things up again. The whole process takes far longer than it probably should, but ultimately is a good opportunity to reflect on where I’m at and how i can improve down the road.

2009 had its rough patches, but I feel energized and full of ideas at the start of the new year.

2 thoughts on “2009”

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  2. Rodeo in the mud is always fun. So is going to rural Aberdeen for photos of a girl practicing rodeo.

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