Busy weekends

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The past few weekends have been loaded with high school sports here in Pocatello. Last weekend was the state high school wrestling tournament, and the previous weekend featured the Simplot Games, a national track and field meet. Both were events we covered pretty heavily and I spent most of my time inside the enormous potato cellar otherwise known as Holt Arena.

With so many matches and races, it’s easy to get caught up shooting the same thing over and over from the same angles. Especially when they like to keep photographers corralled in certain areas. I definitely made an effort to shoot from all over the place and tried to get a variety of angles and moments. Holt Arena has some awfully cluttered backgrounds that can be challenging to clean up. I’m starting to get into a black and white phase and am liking more photos that way as opposed to color. I should have February photos up on the blog in the next few days so check back soon.

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