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Last week one of the biggest annual events to come to town – the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo – set up shop in the dome. It’s quite a process to turn a cement floor into a rodeo arena, and it’s incredible how many people volunteer their time to make it happen. The rodeo is a big deal to a lot of people, thus, we cover it heavily at work (just not with as many photographs as some of us would like).

Rodeo is full of eye-candy. It’s not too often you get to see cowboys fighting to stay on a bucking horse or bull as it kicks up dirt everywhere. After shooting mostly action the past three years, this time around I tried to focus more on moments before and after – preparation, behind the scenes, and quiet moments in between. Rodeo folk are definitely some of the nicest in terms of access and where they’ll let you shoot from, and I tried to take advantage of it.

Unfortunately, you never forget the smell of rodeo.

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