Green River

fishing, outdoors

A few weeks ago I ventured down to Utah to meet up with H4 and do some fishing on the Green River below the Flaming Gorge Dam. We joined up with a good group of guys and spent about the whole day floating the river and casting lines. A much needed day outside unplugged from everything.

Being the only loser with a spin rod in the group, I had to give fly fishing a try. I might have caught something if I only knew how. I definitely want to learn after this trip. Luckily no one was shut out on the fish count – I finally landed a nice brown with the finish line in sight to get on the board. Thanks again guys – we will have to go again. Some snapshots from the day:

2 thoughts on “Green River”

  1. Louise Fishleigh says:

    The pics are wonderful-all that nature! Thanks Joe for sharing with us. Also, H4 the PUMA is in OHIO wahahahahaha!

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