year in review

While looking through the thousands of rectangles that represent what I’ve seen and done this past year, I’m reminded of how much things can change in a year’s time. I started 2012 off by moving to a new home in a new state for a new job. After 5 years in a place I had gotten to know well, I felt it was time for something different. The path I chose brought me to Bend, Oregon, working for the daily newspaper and living in a paradise for outdoor recreation. Though excited for new opportunities, I forgot how challenging it can be to uproot your life and start over somewhere new, leaving behind good friends and familiar faces and places.

Life in Oregon has been a big change in routine as well. I think working fewer and more sporadic hours, though, has really reminded me how much I enjoy my job and how grateful I am I can make a living this way. New surroundings have helped recharge me visually and have motivated me to keep pushing myself.

I finally finished a new website for my work in 2012, joeklinephotography.com. I plan to shoot more freelance work, weddings, and personal projects in the coming year.

These photographs are some of my favorites from the past year. I look forward to more of the spontaneous and often unpredictable experiences, as well as the people that accompany them, in my life and work in 2013.


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